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MovieHive is an excellent app that enables you to quickly create a complete database of all of your movies. You can use it to organize your DVD and Bluray collection, or to make lists of movies that you've seen or want to see.

To start, just name your catalog and click the add movie button. You can use the movie's title or barcode and the program will automatically search for it in IMDb, the best cinematic database out there, to provide you with all the information about the movie you could ever need (length, cast, crew, synopsis, genre... even a link to its trailer).

It's that easy. And you can edit any field and add your own, like a rating, personal note, and to mark it as seen or to-see. You can also find the cover art for each movie online, or upload your own.

Another interesting feature allows you to manage the videos that you loan out just like if you were operating a video rental store. You can add files for friends that are borrowing your movies, and include information like their email address and telephone number, marking the movies that they've borrowed, the date that they're supposed to be returned, and whether or not you have received the movie back. You'll never lose a movie again.

In terms of its design, you can personalize various aspects of the program, like the way that the titles are displayed (in list form or a sort of coverflow similar to iTunes), theme colors, and the font used.

This is a simple program that makes it easy to create a personalized movie-themed database to keep track of what you own as well as what you've loaned to friends.

The trial version has restricted certain features.

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